11 August 2013

Moorvi Compound Completed

This week I visited the Moorvi Compound, which is opposite the main Ramana Ashram. The development of the Compound is now fully complete. The remodelling has entailed the demolition of all the old one-storey accommodation and its replacement by new multi-storey accommodation. In addition the old Ramana Ashram Centenary Library has now been remodelled into a multi-room facility. 

To look at photographs at the beginning of the remodelling, go to these links here and here. In addition to see photographs of the Old Library Building, check out this link here

The last part of this remodelling programme has been the renovation of the original building in this compound, the Moorvi Choultry. The renovated Moorvi Building is very similar to the old building, but has been fully restored and modernised. 

As many trees as possible of the old Compound have been retained, and already many new bamboo shoots and other plants are making the Moorvi Compound a very comfortable, green retreat. It looks lovely. A very nice job.

Moorvi Choultry

Another view of the Moorvi Choultry

Back of Moorvi Choultry
Spacious Compound with lots of accommodation

Multi-Storey accommodation Facility

Trees left whenever possible during construction process

Building at end, the Old Library

Spacious and restful Compound

Bamboo shots planted at perimeter of Compound

Many of the original trees still remaining in Compound

Original Well still remaining in Compound


Anonymous said...

Everything Bhagavan does is so beautiful! I guess we will also look beautiful when he is finished with us. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

It would be nice if he finished with us as quickly as it took to complete the work in the Moorvi Compound . . . little pain and LOTS of gain!

Anonymous said...

Buildings and trees don't put up the resistance we do. Can't believe I said that. Must be Bhagavan giving the answer. Ha! Ha! Ha!