14 November 2013

Hints for 2013 Karthigai Deepam

Below are photographs of the Silver Radham beautifully decorated during the sixth night of the 2013 Karthigai Deepam Festival.

Aarti alangaram inside the Arunachala Mandapam

The Gods being carried on a palaquin

Outside the Thittuvasal Gate next to the Raja Gopuram

Included in this posting are the below hints for devotees travelling to Arunachala for Karthigai Deepam that appeared in newspapers over the last few days. 

“The Tindivanam-Tiruvannamalai Road will be made one-way and only vehicles coming towards Tiruvannamalai will be allowed on the road on November 17, the Karthigai Maha Deepam day. About 10,000 police personnel of different ranks would provide security during one of the most populous festivals of the State. The crowd will be monitored by Unmanned Arial Vehicle and close circuit cameras he said. 

Heavy vehicles will not be allowed in Tiruvannamalai town from the midnight of November 15. They will be appropriately diverted in each road leading to Tiruvannamalai. Information boards will also be placed on every road. Devotees coming to witness the ceremony from within Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple have been advised not to carry mobile phones, inflammable articles (e.g. camphor) or match boxes with them. Camphor should not be lit on roadways or in front of the Temple Gopurams. 

Annadanam (food donation) vehicles will not be allowed inside the town or in Girivalam path from November 15th. 

Devotees who go on girivalam can contact “May I Help” booths set up at spots along the path. Ambulances will be ready at ten places with medical teams to handle emergencies. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Is there any website steaming the deepam festival live? Please let us know.