27 December 2013

Sri Ratu Peranda Visits Arunachaleswarar Temple

At the beginning of this month a group of 32 visitors from Indonesia spent about a week at Arunachala. The leader of the group was Ratu Peranda, Head of Hinduism in Indonesia. Many of those accompanying Ratu Peranda on his visit to Arunachala were coming here for the first time.

Ratu Peranda and Rukku

Ratu Peranda, Head of Hinduism in Indonesia

Soma Temple (creator of Aum Rudraksha Designs) and a devotee of Ratu Peranda and organisor for their visit got in touch with us here at Arunachala Grace for help in organising a trip to the Big Temple. That visit occurred on December 7th and included two beautiful abhishekams at the major Shrines of Arunachaleswarar Temple.

Group outside Mother Shrine after Puja

After the puja at the Shrine of Unnamulai, a senior Priest from the Temple adorned Ratu Peranda with a beautiful shawl and presented him with a laminated photograph of Arunachaleswarar Temple. All other members of the group were also presented individual prasadam packages from the Temple.

After Presentation to Ratu Peranda

Presentation of Prasad Packages to all Group

Ratu Peranda visiting from Indonesia

Group from Indonesia

Group performing Arunachala Girivalam

To learn more about the teachings of Ratu Peranda in English please visit 'Dharma Talks for the World' at this link here, and also for photographs his Facebook link here

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Divya said...

Great info & photos of their visit! Glad that you could help them have a wonderful visit to the temple and beyond.