15 January 2014

Animal Sanctuary Homam, January 2014

Last week I attended a puja at the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter. The Sanctuary is located very close to Ramana Ashram, and I urge all animal lovers to visit the Sanctuary during their stay at Tiruvannamalai. Their presence has led to a great improvement in animal care in this area and in particular dog numbers nowadays are managed by neutering operations rather than by the previous regular and inhumane methods of culling. The Tiruvannamalai community is grateful to the presence of this Sanctuary, which currently houses over 150 dogs, for its work with both domestic and farm animals.

Shelter at foot of Arunachala

Inside the Animal Sanctuary

Dr. Raju, senior Veterinary Doctor at Shelter

Dr. Kamala Pattu, Veterinary Doctor at Shelter

Permanent Altar at entrance of Shelter

Puja inside examination room, puppy below peeping in

Puja Table

Preparations for start of Homam at Shelter

Leslie Robinson, Shelter Founder and Vishwa, Shelter Manager

Homam at Shelter


Divya said...

Very nice, thank you for sharing! Leslie is a wonderful soul to be giving so much to the animals. He is an inspiration.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

For me any soul that dedicates their life to animals is a special being. Its so nice that doggies now have a safe haven here in Tiruvannamalai.