17 January 2014

Postings on my Arunachala Blogs October 17, 2013 to January 17, 2014

Below are links and short extracts of postings on my various Arunachala Blogs from Thursday, October 17, 2013 to Friday, January 17, 2014 

Arunachala Grace 

Thiruvoodal Festival 2014, Pongal: Legends of the enactment of a martial tiff between Lord Shiva and his consort. Photographs

Happy Pongal 2014: Pongal Greetings from Arunachala Grace to all readers.

Garuda Puja, 12 January, 2014: Celebration and Puja of nesting Brahminy Kites on Samudram Eri. Photographs.

Animal Sanctuary Homam, January 2014: Homam performed at the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter. Photographs.

January 10 -- Puja at Animal Shelter: Information about programme of upcoming puja to be performed at Animal Sanctuary.

Happy 2014 from Arunachala: Greetings and photographs on New Year’s Day 2014 from Arunachaleswarar Temple and Rajarajeshwari Temple, Girivalam Roadway

Rukku Gone on Holiday: Information about Rukku, our Temple elephant on her way to rejuvenation camp and vacation. Photographs.

Arudra Darshanam Nataraja Abhishekam: Legends and explanation of the Festival celebrating Cosmic Dance of Lord Nataraja. Photographs.

Special Puja, Arunachaleswarar Temple December 14, 2013: Information of Kalasa Abhishekam, Gaja Puja and Maha Rudra Pua performed at Arunachaleswarar Temple. Photographs

December 14, Arunachaleswarar Temple Pradosham: Photographs of the large crowd in attendance at Arunachaleswarar Temple for Pradosham.

Sri Ratu Peranda Visits Arunachaleswarar Temple: Information about the Head of Hinduism in Indonesia and photographs of his visit to our Big Temple. His Teachings. Links.

Holy Christmas to All: Greetings for Holy Season. Link to Arunachala jigsaw puzzles.

Arunachala Deepam Festival Photographs: Pictorial representation of the 2013 Deepam Festival celebrated at Tiruvannamalai. Photographs

Live TV coverage and online streaming video 2013 Karthigai Deepam: Online resources for live coverage of 2013 Deepam.

Hints for 2013 Karthigai Deepam: Hints to devotees travelling to Tiruvannamalai to attend the 2013 Karthigai Deepam festival.

Chariots on Big Street: Renovation being performed to chariots on Big Street. Photographs. Video.

Flag Hoisting, 2013 Arunachala Deepam Festival: Coverage of the beginning of the Deepam 2013 Festival at the Big Temple. Photographs

Deepam Cow Fair, Tiruvannamalai: Information about the annual cow and horse fair at Tiruvannamalai. Photographs of previous years.

2013 Arunachala Deepam Festival Schedule: Schedule and Information of the 2013 Deepam Festival at Tiruvannamalai. 

Deepam 2013 Clean-up: Preparations for the upcoming Festival at Arunachala. Photographs.

Arunachala Birds 

There is a Crow in my Garden: How to deal with pesky crows in the garden. Why crows are honoured in India. Lord Sani and his association with crows. Photographs.

Cattle Egret: Information about the widely seen Cattle Egret and its symbiotic relationship with other animals, including cattle. Photographs. Videos.

Arunachala Land 

Water Sustainability – Less Intensive Crops: Information about Tamil Nadu water situation. Farming in Tiruvannamalai District. Sand quarrying. Photographs.

Real Estate Market: Market in India and how oversupply is affecting real estate sales.

House Construction Costs: Sample new house 920 square feet and its costs. Reason for price escalation in building sector. Photographs.

Adiannamalai House -- More Photographs: House in Adiannamalai newly constructed additional photographs.

Adiannamalai House Photographs: Exterior shots of new house available in Adiannamalai.

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