27 January 2014

Squirrel Drama

Had a drama in my house a couple of days ago. One or several of my darling doggies killed a squirrel in the house. I have a popular squirrel nesting spot in a light fixture in the dining room. Previously a nesting squirrel made a hole in the wire mesh of one of the windows (which I have left to allow unrestricted access for visiting nesting mothers). From the hole squirrel Mom jumps onto the window ledge, then door ledge then into the nest. Have watched the leap on several occasions and its surprisingly easy for adult squirrels to get in and out of the nest. 

Nest that was in the light fixture

One of the rescued baby squirrels

Have no idea why the squirrel got caught on the ground of my house, when she should have been swinging freely in the air, but done to death she was. Had quite a nasty turn when I came home and found her sprawled inert on the floor next to my bed – with my naughtiest dog Winnie looking VERY pleased with herself. 

What's better than one baby squirrel -- two little 'uns

The next day I heard squeaking from the nest. Called in a local handyman to climb a ladder and rescue the baby squirrels. Found two healthy but hungry little ones in the nesting box. The next day after getting permission from the Animal Hospital took them to the Sanctuary. Happy to report both baby squirrels are in good health. 

Dr Raju with squirrel nest inside cardboard box


Divya said...

So sad about the Mommy but now the kids have a chance at LIFE thanks to you! Wonderful that they are doing well, and will be certainly well cared for at the animal clinic.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The way the Mom was killed of by my doggies was so strange. For the last five years a procession of squirrel Mums have been using the light fixture for their baby time. There is no reason for them to come onto the floor --- as they do aerial gymnastics to get in and our of their nest.

Why was this squirrel Mum moving around on the floor of my house? What was she doing? There is plenty of food outside in the garden on the bird table . . . so what was she thinking moving about in a pack of mad doggies!?

Divya said...

I think the most obvious answer is, she fell down plop on the floor in the middle of her gymnastics, and the sound brought the dogs instantly to her side. Maybe she was exhausted from delivery, not her usual svelte self and just made a simple miscalculation in her jump.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Another possibility is that it could have been a suicidal, freaky squirrel.

Anyhow will check next time I am near the Animal Shelter as to how the "babes" are doing. Would have loved to have kept them, BUT those villainous dogs of mine would have made BIG problems.