13 July 2014

Arunachala Oracle

We recently uploaded onto our website Arunachala Samudra a new programme entitled Arunachala Oracle. When you first arrive at the programme introductory page you will learn of the workings of the Oracle and be then taken to a meditation page of an effulgent picture of the Lord and (if you wish) listen to inspirational Arunachala-Siva audios run on a continuous long loop. When you feel calm and composed you may then ask the Oracle your question and leave it to Divine Providence to supply you with the answer. 


“In India there is still a custom in villages of people depending on providence when there is no possibility of a decision being arrived at by reasoning on a particular matter, and of taking recourse to Dharmapatra, the leaf of impartiality to know the will of Providence; when they ascertain it thus, they act accordingly, without further argument or reasoning. The leaf of impartiality is made use of in the following manner: 

“Yes” and “No” are written on some fragments of paper or on Vilva leaves, which are put into an empty water-pot, and a child is asked to pick up one fragment or a leaf. If the child picks up a “Yes” fragment, the person who has recourse to this expedient knows that Providence sanctions the contemplated course. If the other pieces is picked up, he takes it that the will of providence forbids the course.” 
[Page 140—Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master Part 1] 


As well as the Leaf of Impartiality utilised in India for many hundreds of years, there are many other methods used by Devotees to access the will of Divine Providence. Sri Sathya Sai Baba often used to counsel his devotees that when they had a situation that required action, they could revert to “chits” in order to access the Will of Divine Providence. In this respect He suggested that the devotee keep a number of tokens or coins on their altar in order to access a “Yes” or “No” answer from the Divine. 

A great devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, Shri Madhav Lele published a well known book, “Your Questions and Shree Sai Baba Answers,” which is comprised of 720 possible answers available in response to a devotee’s question. 

The premise of Arunachala Oracle is the same as the Leaf of Impartiality, the recommendation of chits from Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the book of guidance of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. 

Arunachala Oracle is comprised of 630 possible answers compiled from sayings and recommendations of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Arunachala saints and devotees and answers of the book of Madhav Lele. 

When visiting this programme please treat it with respect. You will receive an answer from Divine Providence directly proportionate to the extent of your seriousness and surrender. 

To learn more about the Oracle and then ask your question go to this link here


Snobby SydneySider said...

Thanks for this Oracle Meenakshi! The Lord gave me a great answer. I will let you know later if it comes true or not. Its a fun Oracle. Athough I guess we are not meant to use it for fun!!! LOL!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Hi Snobby: I myself used to use a similar oracle on a Shirdi Sai Baba site -- and it was very helpful on several important questions for me. Thought creating a specific Arunachala-centric Oracle would be more appropriate for an Arunachala Shiva website.

No harm in using Arunachala Oracle sometimes in a light hearted way as most of the answers are very helpful.

Hope your own situation works out nicely.

Marie said...

I had to make a financial proposal to someone regarding a business matter and it was difficult because the price I had to quote was much higher than they were anticipating. Knew that the price was fair but concerned that they would be shocked and refuse the proposal.

After going over it in my mind for a couple of days decided yes the initial price was the right one and I should go with that.

Decided to check with Arunachala Oracle whether the price was fair and righteous and did I have permission to go ahead and ask it. I got the answer, "Guru's blessing is there. Proceed with this work in this manner, it will meet with success and auspiciousness."

So got in touch with the person quoting the price I had decided on. Almost immediately got a reply, "Surprised by the price, but accept the reasons you have given and agree to go ahead with this matter at the price quoted."

Thank you for this wonderful feature of Arunachala Oracle. It gave me the confidence to go ahead just when I was beginning to doubt myself.