14 July 2014

Reverence for Divination

In the previous posting I wrote about an aspect of divination that have been used in India for a millenium. In this respect to show the depth of reverence given to the divination of the Leaf of Impartiality, it is interesting to learn that it was only after consulting the Leaf of Impartiality and receiving an affirmative response to his question (of whether he could fill the position of priest in the Dakshineshwar Temple), that Ramkumar’s brother the great Paramahamsa Ramakrishna withdrew his objections to Ramkumar serving as officiating priest in the Kali Shrine of that Temple. 

The brothers talk

In the wonderful book Sri Ramakrishna, the Great Master, the occasion reads:

“He then came to know that Ramkumar had agreed to assume permanent charge of the worship of the Divine Mother at the pressing request of the Rani. The Master could not approve of this, and was highly critical of his brother’s conduct. He reminded his brother that their father neither officiated in the sacrifices of the Sudras nor accepted gifts from all and sundry, and tried to dissuade him from the course he had taken. It is said that Ramkumar tried to vindicate his action to the Master in various ways with the help of reason and scripture, but nothing touched his heart. Therefore he had recourse to the simple expedient of Dharmapatra, the leaf of impartiality, at last. The leaf of impartiality, it is said, read, “Ramkumar has not incurred blame in accepting the offer of the priest. It will prove beneficial to all.”

. . . the Master now became free from anxiety regarding his brother’s decision . . . "

[page 141-142 Part I "Sri Ramakrishna The Great Master"] 

Contemporary photograph of the Dakshineswar Temple

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