7 August 2014

Greenland Ashram Update August 2014

Yesterday I visited with Kiran and Philippe to take photographs of the development of their Greenland Ashram. Progress is rapid and the Ashram is expected to be open and fully operational within the next few months. 

See below for a pictorial representation of progress in the Ashram development as of yesterday Wednesday, August 6, 2014. 

Lord Ganesha with friend near gate of Ashram

Greening already underway on the 6 acre Ashram grounds

Variety of plants and succulents, including this Japanese Lotus

House occupied by Greenland Founders till their quarters are completed

Wonderful Arunachala darshan available at Greeland Ashram

Multitude of tasks underway at Ashram, Kiran co-Founder at left giving her support

Philippe, co-Founder of Ashram with manager Damodara

One of the residential cottages nearing completion

Founders' private residence under construction at Greeland

Most of the cottages at Ashram nearing completion

Greenland Ashram is situated around 12 km from Ramanashramam 4 km off the main highway to Bangalore. 

Sathya Sai Nagar Enlightenment Road 
Periyapalliyapattu Village Post Tiruvanamalai, 
Tamil Nadu, India - 606 704 

For more complete information visit Greenland Ashram website at this link here

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