5 September 2014

An Ordinary Day in a Temple Town

The below video was shot in 2003, but is very topical, and everything looks much the same now as it does in the film. Below the film I have listed various activities and the time they appear on the video. Its a well shot film and gives an accurate idea of an ordinary day at this Temple town. 

0.00 Sadhus chanting at Ganeshan Temple, Pallakottu Tank with scenes off the girivalam roadway 

2.35 Sadhus bathing in Tank, sadhus 

3.40 Sadhus feeding Ramana Ashram 

3.45 to 5.10 Ceremony Arunachaleswarar Temple 

5.50 Creating Deepams Mahashivaratri, Arunachaleswarar Temple 

7.25 Rukku Temple Elephant 

7.45 Puja at Ramana Maharshi’s Samadhi, and Mother’s Shrine Ramana Ashram 

9.27 Big Temple 

9.30 Ladies, street scenes 

10.05 Hanuman actor performing on streets 

10.40 Bullock cart and street scenes 


Divya said...

Very nice daily life in an Indian small town - reminds me of decades ago, still the same nowadays!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Like this video. Its so natural and accurate. Like the heading . . . just an ordinary day.