3 September 2014

Sri Nannagaru at Arunachala

After a long absence from Arunachala due to health reasons, Sri Nannagaru was finally able to come to Tiruvannamalai and stay at his Ashram from August 22nd to September 2nd, 2014. While in residence he gave a number of speeches to his many devotees, most of whom had followed him from Andhra Pradesh. 

Devotees mostly from Andhra Pradesh

Swamji gave a number of speeches whilst at Tiruvannamalai

As is his usual custom Sri Nannagaru conducted daily interviews in his room. One morning Sri Sundaram, the President of Ramana Ashram came to visit Sri Nannagaru. They talked about the importance of Ramana Ashram publishing and disseminating the works of Sri Ramana Maharshi throughout the world. Sri Nannagaru requested that the President authorise the publication in Telegu of “Be As You Are.” The book, edited by David Godman, is a collection of conversations between Sri Ramana and seekers who came to his ashram for guidance. 

Sri Nannagaru and Sri Sundaram, President Ramana Ashram

“Be As You Are,” is one of the most widely read book on the seer’s teachings. Dialogues with Ramana are arranged by the following topics; The Self, Enquiry and surrender,The Guru, Meditation and yoga, Experience, Theory. 

 “The collection of conversations between him and the many seekers who came to his ashram for guidance contains the essence of his teaching. His concern throughout his long life of imparting his experience to others was to convince his listeners that self-realisation - or enlightenment - is not an alien or mysterious state, but the natural condition of man. This state can be easily discovered by undertaking the self-investigation clearly described in these talks. The lucid instructions to each section provide further illumination of this greater seer's message.” 

Sri Nannagaru

Sri Nannagaru asked that the Telegu publication of the book be expedited as in his opinion it is the best introduction to the teachings of Sri Ramana. Sri Sundaram promised that his officers would start to make arrangements for the book’s Telegu publication immediately on return to the Ramana Ashram office. 

To find out more about Sri Nannagaru, you can visit his website at this link here, and to read about the experiences of many of his devotees please visit a Blog put out by Bangalore devotees at this link here

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