4 November 2014

2014 Karthigai Deepam Arunachala Programme

Below is the programme for the 2014 Karthigai Deepam which will be celebrated at Arunachaleswarar Temple. Amongst the functions there are major events like Maharadham (December 2) and Mahadeepam (December 5) etc., upon which I will be giving more details as we get closer to Deepam. 

Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Tirukovil Tiruvannamalai 

Thirukarthigai Deepam Festival 2014 

23 November, 2014 
Sunday Night: Durgai Amman Urchavam 

24 November, 2014 
Monday Night: Pidari Amman Urchavam 

25 November, 2014 
Tuesday Night: Vinayaka Urchavam 

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26 November, 2014 
Wednesday Morning (early): Flag Hoisting 
Morning (late): Panchamoorthy Silver Vimana procession 
Night: Athigara Nandi Vahana 

27 November, 2014 
Thursday Morning: Chandrasekhara in Surya Perai Vahanam 
Night: Indira Vehanam 

28 November, 2014  
Friday Morning: Chandrasekhara in Bootha Vahanam 
Night: Shima Vahanam 

29 November, 2014 
Saturday Morning: Chandrasekhara in Naga Vahanam 
Night: Kamadhenu and Virikpaksha 

30 November, 2014 
Sunday Morning: Chandrasekhara in Rishabam 
Night: Big Silver Rishabam 

1 December, 2014 
Monday Morning: Elephant with 63 Nayanars 
Night: Silver chariot 

2 December, 2014 
Tuesday: Maharadham 

3 December, 2014 
Wednesday Morning: Chandrasekhara on Horse 
Evening: Pichandavar 
Late Night: Big Horse 

4 December, 2014 
Thursday Morning: Chandrasekhara on Purusha Meruga Vahanam 
Night: Kailasha (Ravana) Vahanam 

5 December, 2014 
Friday Early Morning: Bharani Deepam 4 a.m. 
Evening: Maha Deepam (6 p.m.) 

6 December, 2014 
Saturday Morning: God Girivalam 
Evening: Theepal Chandrasekhara 

7 December, 2014 
Sunday Night: Parashakti Theepal 

8 December, 2014 
Monday Night: Subrahmanian Theepal 

9 December, 2014 
Tuesday Night: Chandikashwara 


Itinerant Yogi said...

A very timely blogpost! I just decided today that I should try and make it for the Deepam!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Good to make your plans early. Will be posting lots of information on the various Deepam Functions on the run up to the 2014 Karthigai Mahadeepam.

Itinerant Yogi said...

I am wondering whether I should get there a bit early to catch some of the Deepam festivities. Last year I was just there for the Mahadeepam day, did my Girivalam and left the following day. Which function do you recommend? I am not such a fan of watching long pooja's that too in big crowds.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Crowds are just so huge for Mahadeepam. I think its best to get a good vantage point on some roof and watch it without the pressure of being crushed inside the Big Temple. Alternatively there will be very excellent live streaming video covering MahaDeepam from inside the Big Temple. Nice to watch in the comfort of one's home.

If I was to pick one function over the Festival it would be that of Maharadham. Wonderful feeling to participate in pulling the giant chariot around the perimeter of the Temple. And fantastic energy and devotion amongst the other people pulling the Radham.

BUT BE CAREFEUL as lots of pickpockets and thieves come into Tiruvannamalai for the festival. This includes women thieves too, so don't feel safe if you are surrounded by women only. Favourite trick is to slit an opening in the side of a bag and pull everything out.