26 November 2014

Day One 2014 Deepam Festival -- Panchamoorthy Silver Vimana procession

This first day of Karthigai Deepam Festival (November 26, 2014) began this morning with the hosting of the flag (Dwajaroghanam) outside the Siva Sannidhi, signifying the commencement of the Festival. At the ceremony, the flag was hoisted amongst Vedic chanting and nagaswara music (drums and cymbals). The priests then invited the sacred rivers, deities and rishis to come and witness the occasion. 

Rukku -- Our Prized Temple Elephant leading the Panchamoorthies

After conclusion of the ceremony the Panchamurtis were taken around the perimeter streets surrounding the Temple (Vetthis Mada) and then installed in the Kalyana Mandapam located in the third prakaram of Arunachaleswarar Temple where Deeparadhana took place. 

Carrying the Gods through the Temple

In this and other processions throughout the Festival, the Panchamurthis are: Vinayagar, Lord Annamalaiyar, Goddess Unnamulaiyar, Lord Subramanya and Sri Chandikeswarar (representing all devotees). 

Exiting Temple through gate next to Rajagopuram

To find out more about Sri Chandikeswar and how he was elevated to his high position: 

Panchamoorthies Darshan

”Shiva was pleased with the devotion of this boy and he appeared in person along with Parvati his consort, before the boy. Shiva embraced him and made him in charge of his ganas (devotees or followers). He was also made the steward of his household, naming him Chandikeswara.” 

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Procession of Panchamoorthies around Temple

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