7 November 2014

Sadhus and Sannyasins at Raghavendra Shrine, Arunachala

This week to celebrate the ending of negative Shani influence in her star chart, Jacqueline Jacques arranged a feeding of sadhus at the venue of Sri Raghavendra Shrine, Girivalam Roadway (near Hanuman Temple). After about an hour of communal chanting and quiet sitting over 400 sadhus took their evening meal. 

Venue for dinner was the Sri Raghavendra Shrine, Arunachala

Chanting at Function

Chanting and group meditation proceeded dinner

Some Sadhus and Sannyasins in attendance

Function was well organised with plenty of food for all

Over 400 Sadhus and Sannyasins were given evening dinner

Feeding at Sri Raghavendra Shrine, Girivalam Roadway

Jacqueline Jacques talking with sadhus after dinner

Work is being currently undertaken to renovate the Paul Brunton compound at the Palakottu Tank next to Ramana Ashram. Narrative with photographs at this link here.

To find out more about Paul Brunton and his connection with Arunachala go to this link here.

By Christmas renovation work will be completed and thereafter work of the Trust headquartered there will start. Part of the work envisaged by that organisation will be connected to helping sadhus and sannyasins who come to Arunachala. Will post more information as the Trust’s long term programme is announced. 

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Anonymous said...

Very powerful. I like how the sadhus are being treated with respect.