4 December 2014

2014 Deepam Festival. Day Eight—Night: Arunachaleswarar Horse Vahanam

In Hindu iconography, positive aspects of the vahana (vehicle) are often emblematic of the deity that it carries. In this procession each of the panchmoorthies not only has the horse as its vahana, but each God also carries a whip in their hand. 

The main characteristic of the horse is its loyalty, industriousness and swiftness. It is symbolic of energy and effort and also symbolises the air or prana which runs through the channels of the body and is the vehicle of the mind. That means, with God as driver, we have the possibility of controlling the mind and wind and guide it towards any direction and at any speed that we wish. The neigh of a horse is also symbolic of the power to awaken the sleepy mind for the practice of sadhana and righteousness. 

Alangarams: (left to right) Karthikeya, Arunachaleswarar, the Goddess

Lord Ganesha, whip in hand

Panchamoorthies Darshan outside Temple Mandapam

Arunachaleswarar on Horse Vahanam

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