5 January 2015

Thiruvathira Festival and Saint Manikkavacakar

For the previous nine days the statue of Manikkavacakar has been taken from its place near the Siva Sannidhi Shrine, and brought out in procession around the Big Temple’s maha veedhis (four perimeter streets). 

Manikkavacakar was a poet of the Hindu bhakti revival movement and his work forms one volume of the Tirumurai, the key religious text of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta. His poems are a poetic expression of the joy of God-experience and the anguish of being separated from the Lord. This great saint aided the spiritual and religious revival of Hinduism and is revered as one of the four Samayak Kuravarkal (nalvars) of Shaivism who took birth in the world to show the path of elevating oneself to the Supreme Shiva. 

For more information about his life go to this link here, and to read two of his more famous works with English translation and audio go to his poems: Thiruvammaanai (Exulting Bliss) and Thiruvepaavai

On this the 10th day of his Festival and in conjunction with the Thiruvathira Festival, Lord Nataraja and the Goddess join Manikkavacakar in a procession around Arunachaleswarar Temple. 

Lord Nataraja and the Goddess

Gods coming from the 1000 Pillared Hall after worship

Lord Nataraja

The Goddess accompanying her Lord
Saint Manikkavacakar


Mangalmani Mitter said...

dear meenakshi,
thank you so much for your great work - i found already so many inspirations and valuable informations about arunachala & thiru!
all the best and much love!

Anonymous said...

meenakshi do you know if puja is performed regularly at Kannapa temple,if yes ,how access to it is gained?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

There is a tea stall next to the regular pathway (off the girivalam roadway) leading up to Kannapa Temple. The regular pathway is adjacent to the Nithyananda ashram.

If the pathway is closed just ask the tea stall wallah, and he will point out the nearest access point that isn't blocked.

The stall wallah will also be able to give you information about timings for puja. Would expect that there is some kind of daily observance at the Temple. If I find out additional information will post it on Arunachala Grace.

S. Kumari said...

Photographs are amazing. Report very good too.