7 February 2015

View of all 9 Temple Gopurams

This post is about one spot inside the Arunachaleswarar Temple Compound from where you can see all nine Temple Gopurams. That spot is located near the sacred Mahila Maram trees in the Third Prakaram. In the below photograph, I have marked with a pink "X" the location of the trees and Dais. 

"X" marks the spot

The next photo shows the dais next to the Trees in the Third Prakaram outside the Siva Sannidhi. At the bottom of the photograph one can see four round pillars encompassing a flat Lingam, which during the Vasantha Ursavam Festival, is filled with water and flowers, which makes it look as if it is floating.

Flat Lingam surrounded by four cylindrical pillars

Statues of Dakshinamurthi and Lord Vinayaka are situated close to the Linga.

Statues of the Gods on the Dais

Boon Cradles

In the above photograph one can see Boon Cradles hanging from the branches of the Mahila Marams; the cradles are made of cloth and sometimes wood and are hung by devotees who are seeking the blessings of the Annamalayiar for a child. 

Circle from where to view all 9 Temple Gopurams

Above one can see in front of the raised platform, a circle drawn on the ground. When standing in the centre of that spot and turning a complete circle, it is possible to see all nine gopurams of the Temple. In addition if you raise your head to view the Temple, one can see see the stone Nandis that face Arunachala. 

In the above photograph (taken from the circle in front of the Mahila Maram tree dais, the smaller structure is the West Kattalai Gopuram and in the background the larger structure is the Pey Gopuram. Notice the Nandis on the wall facing Arunachala.

Continuing in a clockwise direction from Pey Gopuram and the West Kattalai Gopuram, the next Gopurams viewed from the circle spot at the Mahila Maram Trees and dais are to the north; the Ammani Amman Gopuram and in front the North Kattalai Gopuram. 

Ammani Amman and North Kattalai (in front) Gopurams

The next photograph below and facing east are three Gopurams: back Raja Gopuram, centre Vallala Maharaja Gopuram and front the Kili (parrot) Gopuram. 

Back to front: Raja, Vallala and Kili Gopurams

The final 2 Gopurams to be viewed making a total of the 9 Temple Gopurams, are to the South; the large one at back is Thirumanjana Gopuram and smaller in front South Katalai Gopuram.

Back: Tirumanjan Gopuram, front South Katalai Gopuram

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Anonymous said...

I visited the Temple a couple of days ago and because of this posting found the circle and stood in it. Yes was able to see all the nine Temple Gopurams. Very good.