24 February 2015

Walkabout in Tiruvannamalai

I had to go into Tiruvannamalai today to take care of a few chores and decided to bring my camera and take some snaps.

I started my chores in a small well frequented lane near the East side of the Temple. Its the place to go when shopping for electrical items and also has a pot pourri of essential stores, including a very good ayurvedic shop. 

Small shopping Lane near Temple

There is something about the quality of light at Tiruvannamalai, because I have never seen a place so well suited to having blue skies. The Temple and Hill always look so pretty with the azure backdrop. Lovely.

The below photograph is really fabulous. Its taken from the North side of the Temple with Ammani Amman Gopuram in the distance. You can get an idea of the massive walls of the huge 25 acre Arunachaleswarar Temple. Even though the Temple is the centre point of Tiruvannamalai, once you pass into the Temple Compound, those massive walls act as sound proofing and you can't hear the noise and chaos of the busy town outside. 

Temple North Side, Ammani Amman Gopuram

One chore for me today was visiting some fancy shops on the North Side of the Temple. These particular fancy shops are a favourite stop-off for visitors with young kids -- as they are a veritable Aladdin's Cave with their mixture of costume jewellery, hair ornaments and Mehndi transfers. 

A Line of Fancy shops

Like an Aladdin's Cave that young girls never want to leave

Before heading off away from the Temple area decided to stop off near the East Side and Raja Gopuram to take photos of the flower sellers outside the Temple Main Gate. On my way enjoyed looking at the juxtaposition of stalls with stuffed and plastic animals and in the background one of the most famous, ancient Temples of India. 

Lovely juxtaposition of the toys with Temple as backdrop

After passing the stalls I got to the front of the Temple and the Raja Gopuram with its line of flower sellers outside the Main Gate. 

Temple Flower Sellers

Making Jasmine Garlands -- a nice way to spend the morning

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Divya said...

Wonderful and colorful street scenes, thank you for the walk through the town for those of us far away!