21 March 2015

Maharadham's New Garage

On my way to the dentist located off Sannidhi Street decided to make a quick detour to check out if the new "garage" has yet been completed for the Maharadham. The view and darshan of the Hill from this place is spectacular--can never take too many photographs!

Previously the Radhams (wooden chariots) for the Panchamoorthies (5 idols) have been covered with aluminum sheets and left on the side of Car Street. The sheer size of these enormous wooden chariots limit where they can be stored, but at last there has been a rethinking about exactly how they should be stored. In this respect the largest chariot used during the Deepam Festival i.e. the Maharadham has just been allocated a nice, new garage on Car Street. 

Spectacular new garage for the Maharadham

Posting the below photographs to show how devotees access the gigantic wooden chariot during the Deepam Festival. 

Climbing into the Maharadham during Deepam

Tunnel between the Yellow Building and Radham at Deepam

Devotees taking Deepam darshan before the Maharadham set off

4 Panchamoorthi Radhams await their own new garage

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