28 November 2015

2015 Deepam Festival. Day 10--Afternoon: Countdown to 6 p.m. Mahadeepam

From early morning on the day of Mahadeepam (25th November, 2015), there was a rush of activity both on the streets surrounding the Temple and also in the Temple Compound. 

The below photographs are a pictorial record of the countdown to that time between day and the dusk; heralding the lighting of the Mahadeepam both in Arunachaleswarar Temple and on top of Arunachala. 

Thirumanjana Street

Thiruvoodal Street, bisecting Thirumanjana Street

Most of the devotees are at the start of their Hillround Girivalam

Crowds inside the Temple Compound

Preparing the Temple Deepam Cauldron

Devotees waiting outside the Sambanda Vinayagar Shrine

Cameramen and Reporters upstairs

Waiting for 6 p.m. and Mahadeepam

Panchamoorthies at the 16 Pillar Kaatchi Mandapm

The above video is of devotees inside the Arunachaleswarar Temple Compound, waiting patiently for dusk and the lighting of the Mahadeepam both in the Temple and a few moments later on the top of Arunachala. 

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