24 November 2015

2015 Deepam Festival. Day Eight—Day: Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse Vahana

In the previous post, I uploaded two photos of Lord Chandrasekhara on the Horse Vahanam as observed on the morning of Day Eight of the 2015 Deepam Festival. 

The below photographs show the connection between the procession of the Horse Vahanam, and that of the Maharadham. 

Musicians accompanying the procession

The Maharadham is parked in its usual spot at the side of Car Street

After circumambulation the Horse Vahanam comes to the Maharadham, which it turns towards and faces

Horse Vahanam faces the Maharadham

Temple Priests officiating a puja at a place between the two Radhams

Temple Priests

Puja performed on the street between the two Radhams

Garland placed on the Maharadham

I hope to give more information about the esoteric signficance of this puja later in my Arunachala Mystic Blog.

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