28 November 2015

2015 Deepam Festival. Day Nine--Night: Ravana Vahanam Video

Due to a delay with Deepam Festival photographs I am now posting this additional pictorial record plus video of Day Nine—Night: Kailasha (Ravana) Vahanam. 

Vahanam before decoration

In an earlier posting of the Ravana Vahanam, at this link here, I talked about a legend associated with this King. Particularly relevant to this post is that the Tamil version states that imprisoned under Kailash, Ravana cut off one of his heads and built a veena from it. 

He used his tendons for the strings and began singing the praises of Siva which pleased the Lord so much that he bestowed a powerful linga to be worshipped by Ravana at Lanka. 

Ravana's head on the Veena

Lord Arunachaleswarar Alangaram

Ravana Vahanam at the Alankaram Mandapam. 

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