26 November 2015

2015 Deepam Festival. Day Ten—Late Night: Golden Rishaba

Late in the night of the 10th day of the 2015 Karthigai Deepam Festival, the Vahana for Lord Arunachaleswarar was the Golden Rishba (the golden bull). This was recently presented to the Temple by a devotee, at a cost of Rs.20 Lakhs. 

The 2015 Karthigai Deepam was the first time the new Golden Rishaba has been used. As is customary a puja was performed on the Rishaba previous to the Festival. 

Golden Rishaba before adornment 
Golden Rishaba giving darshan on circumambulation
The Golden  Rishaba late on the 10th Day of Deepam Festival


Itinerant Yogi said...


Meenakshi Ammal said...

He really does look quite lovely. . . and to think that this time last year, he was just a plain wooden bull . . miracles really do happen!!