9 November 2015

A story about the Karthigai Maha Radham

There are a number of powerful sacred burial sites dedicated to Sufi saints in Tiruvannamalai, one of the most famous being that of the woman saint, Syedini Bibi

In 1880 the Darghar in Car Street was built by the Nawab of the time in honour of this great Sufi Saint. Although the burial site faces noisy Car Street, it is renowned for its powerful and peaceful vibrations. It is believed that both Sri Seshadri Swamigal and Sri Ramana Maharshi often sat in meditation at this place, and in more contemporary times the tomb was frequently favoured by Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar 

Darghar on Car Street

Syedini Bibi came from the middle east in the early nineteenth century. Like many Sufis before her she landed at Nagore on the south-east coast. From there she travelled inland a few hundred kilometers to Arunachala where she settled for the rest of her life. 

Little is known about the life of this saint, however there are several famous stories connected with her tomb. 

Once such story concerns the Karthigai Festival. 

1880 Karthigai Maha Radham

The story goes that the Tiruvannamalai authorities decided to demolish the burial grounds (where Syedini Bibi was buried), in order to widen the road to more easily accommodate the Maha Radham (Big Car Chariot) during the Deepam Festival. 

In response to this proposal, many protested against disturbing the Saint’s grave, and the authorities postponed the demolition. The myth that was handed down claims that the postponement came about because during the Karthigai Festival, as the gigantic Maha Radham (Wooden Chariot) passed, one of its huge wheels accidentally knocked the side of Syedini Bibi’s tomb and the Maha Radham immediately burst into flames. 


Itinerant Yogi said...

Great post Meenakshi!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Its a great story. I have actually visited the Darghar a number of times.

Nowadays such powerful saints as Syedini Bibi would not be able to maintain their invisibility . . . social media would see to that.

For example there is a contemporary story about a flying siddha who people said they saw flying near the girivalam roadway . . . there is even a blurry video on You Tube of him . . . where its impossible to see anything . . . doesn't seem to matter the video has attracted a huge number of people to view it.

Srinivas Ranganath said...

Dear Madam
Nice going through the post detailing Syedini Bibi dargah. Since I am visiting Tiruvannamalai on 1st Dec, I shall visit this Dargah and also get to know more about Aruunachala in person. Kindly let me know your address or contact number so that I can meet you. I have gone through most of your posts and find it extremely informative. I have made about a dozen trips from Mumbai in the past two years,and every time I visit I get the feeling of visiting it for the first time, so much for the grace from Lord Arunachala!

Srinivas Ranganath said...

Further to my earlier comments on November 10, I visited this dargah of Syedini Bibi on December 1, I felt peaceful.