10 November 2015

Arunachaleswarar Temple Preparations for 2015 Karthigai Deepam

Currently work is underway at Arunachaleswarar Temple in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Karthigai Deepam Festival. This work entails cleaning throughout the Temple Compound including the Bali Peetam and Flag Post, the stringing up of electric lights on the Gopurams and around the Temple and touch-ups and repainting of the various Gods and Vahanas that will be used in processions during the upcoming Festival. 

Cleaning the Flagstaff dais for 2015 Karthigai

High Pressure hosing and washing of the Bali Peetam

Preparation of Halls and Mandapams

Touch-ups and repainting Vahanams for Processions

Cleaning and Polishng of the Metal Vahanams

Anthropomorphic Nandi - Nandikeshwara


Srinivas Ranganath said...

I may be thousand and a half kilometer's away from Arunachala Deepam festival but my heart is in Tiruvannamalai. Great to see the preparations taking place.Since I shall be there on 1st December, I think I will be able to see the Deepam lit on the hill top in the evenings and gather all the holy blessings and goodwill I might have missed!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The Temple Priests calculate the amount of time the Deepam will be kept alight on the Hill each Karthigai. The shortest time I recall the flame was alight was 7 days and the longest 13 days. So you should be able to see it fine on December 1.