16 November 2015

Durgai Ursavam 2015 Karthigai Deepam Festival

This year the first three days of the 17 day Festival started off at the Durga Amman Temple, Tiruvannamalai on November 13, 2015. The reason for the unique connection with the Goddess at Durga Amman Temple to the Karthigai Festival is believed to be because of the Goddess and her fight with the demon Mahisha. Go to this link to read ‘The Fight with Mahishasura’

Arti to the Goddess at the Durga Amman Temple

In the Mahishasura legend, before fighting with the demon, the Goddess appointed four noble Bhairavis (celestial damsels) to keep watch on all four sides of Arunagiri. Ordering, that: 

Goddess on her Kamadhenu Vahana (wish fulfilling cow)

"Admit only those who have come to worship Arunachala and are tired, hungry and thirsty. Others should not enter. She then appointed strong men to guard the boundaries of Arunachala and continued Her penance at Her ashram." 
[The Glory of Arunachala] 

Goddess giving darshan outside Durga Amman Temple

In accordance with the mythology of Arunachala, Durga is recognised as Guardian of Arunachala and thus a precursor of the Deepam Festival is always a celebration of this aspect of the Goddess. 

After worship and arti, the Goddess on her circumambulation

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