22 November 2015

Preparing the Chariots for Maharadham Day

Throughout this week preparations have been underway preparing the five radhams for the panchamoorthies for the big day of the Maharadham procession. This year the procession falls on November 22, 2015. As all five of the Radhams (wooden chariots) are so large, they each have a permanent parking spot on the side of Car Street -- i.e. the main thoroughfare running in front of the Alankaram Mandapam on the east side of the Temple. 

Yesterday (i.e. 21 November, 2015) repair and decorating crews were out in force for last minute preparations for the big day of the Maharadham Procession. 

Decorating one of the smaller of the wooden chariots

Clambering on top of a chariot

Town in constant excitement and activity throughout the Deepam Festival

Adding Buntings and Banners to the Maharadham

The Maharadham will be pulled by devotees using metal chains

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