1 December 2015

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary Needs Your Support

I have often written in Arunachala Grace about the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter here at Tiruvannamalai, and about the excellent, life saving and transforming changes they are making to many animals in these parts. 

When asked what organisation is most worth supporting at Arunachala . . . I always put the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary at the top of the list. 

I remember the days that "animal control" in these parts meant culling dogs by strangling them with garrote wire on the streets and then tossing the carcasses in the backs of bullock carts to be taken off to be incinerated. I remember the days when mange encrusted dogs lived a life of suffering in the sewers of this town. I can recall if a cars' or autorickshaws' wheels ran over a dog's legs that it always meant a certain death sentence for the poor creature. 

The Arunachala Animal Sanctuary are controlling the numbers of street dogs in the area by offering free sterlisation operations. They participate in taking food out to feed starving homeless dogs living on the streets, bring in infested animals and board them while giving the suffering creatures mange and skin treatments. The Sanctuary is also responsible for finding forever homes for numerous puppies and previously unwanted dogs. In addition to sterlisations on Dogs, the Shelter also performs many different types of operations on cats, monkeys, cows, horses, goats and a host of other creatures. 

The very best thing Arunachala Animal Sanctuary has done is to provide ongoing education to those at Tiruvannamalai about compassion and service to our animal brethern and it was through their intervention and education that horrific dog cullings were stopped many years ago.

The Arunachala Animal Shelter desperately needs our financial support and in this respect they today started a fund drive on "Global Giving" to raise around U.S.$50,000 within the next 31 days. Please visit the page at this link here so you can learn more about how to help our dear doggie and animals friends at Blessed Arunachala. 


Anonymous said...

They do most of their work for free. No excuse for people not to get their dogs fixed. Hope they reach their target amount.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I bring my own large brood of doggies for treatment at the Shelter, but pay for their treatment.

Thankful that the Shelter is at Arunachala . . . a lifesaver for so many doggies.

Anonymous said...

This organisation does wonderful work for the animals of Tiruvannamalai.