29 January 2016

Friday: January 29, 2016 -- Mahakumbhabhishekam Durga Amman Temple

Today the ceremony of Mahakumbhabhishekam was completed at the Durga Amman Temple Tiruvannamalai. Over the cause of the previous week homams were conducted in the Temple compound consecrating and sanctifying waters in order to bathe the Kumbha (pinnacles) of the Vimanas at the Temple.

A Maha Kumbhabhishekam is held either to formally consecrate a new temple or reconsecrate an old one, which usually occurs at twelve-year intervals, following renovation, extensive cleaning and renewal. The rites culminate with the priests' pouring sanctified water over the temple spires, each of which resembles an inverted pot, or kumbha. Leading up to the consecration, a number of rituals are performed by the sthapati (main temple architect) in charge of the construction or renovation. 

Divine Power is transferred back to the deities by performing an abhishekam (salutary bathing) to the Vigrahas and Vimanas (pinnacles) on the roof with the sanctified holy waters from the kalasas accompanied by Vedic chanting and special rites. On that day at the designated auspicious time, when the Kumbha is bathed with the charged and sanctified holy waters contained in the sacrificial pots, consecrated and sanctified pranic powers trickle down a silver wire and enter the Deity installed inside the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple.

After the consecration of the Vimanas on top of the Temple, worship is then specifically performed inside the Sanctum Sanctorum in which further pranic powers are transferred to the Deities.

Pouring consecrated water over Kumbha

Kumbha on Gopuram Main Gate being sanctified with holy water

In the above photograph at the back of the Durga Amman Temple and inset into the Hill itself, is the famed Pavala Kundru Temple. To view photographs of his unique Temple go to this link here.

Wonderful photograph of ritual with Arunachala in background

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Anonymous said...

Amazing photographs thank you Meenakshi. In the last photograph the Temple looks very small as it is taken from such an unusual angle.