9 January 2016

Kala Bhairavar Shrine, Big Temple

One of the most visited and revered Shrines at the Big Temple, is that of Kala Bhairavar who is worshipped as Guardian of ArunachaleswararTemple. One can often hear the sound of a clanging bell at this place as devotees believe that ringing the Bell, helps mitigate the evil consequences of sins.

Kala Bhairavar’s Shrine is located in the Temple’s 4th Prakaram, southwest of the Vallala Maharaja Gopura at the north east bank of the Brahma Teertham. 

To view an interactive map of the 4th Prakaram on my website Arunachala Samudra, go to this link here.  

Kala Bhairavar Shrine, Arunachaleswarar Temple

It is believed that formerly Kala Bhairavar was situated in the second Prakaram near the Palliarai (sleeping chamber of the deities). The reason for the change in location goes as follows:- 

“After an untoward incident according to a legend a child was left inside the second Prakara but when the mother came to reclaim her child after the doors had been closed she was advised by a voice from inside to come and take back her child in the following morning and reassured that her child would be safe. But the mother insisted and so the voice angrily told her to take her child and proceeded to throw it out with torn limbs—and the child was dead. 

This was supposed to be done by Kala Bhairavar who is the guardian of the Temple. Hence this powerful statue was shifted to the fourth Prakara. Kala Bhairavar is one of the fierce manifestations of Lord Siva.” 
[From: Ramana’s Arunachala Page 123] 

The below photograph is of a sandal covered Kala Bhairavar at the time of this month’s dark Ashtami moon cycle.

Sandal covered Kala Bhairavar, Ashtami

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Frightening story about the little boy.