18 January 2016

Photographs of Gods, Thiruvoodal 2016

Gods give darshan at Alankaram Mandapam, outside Big Temple

Lord Arunachaleswarar giving Darshan

The Goddess

A Devotee's offering to the Gods

Crowds on Thiruvoodal Street, Pongal 2016

Crowds on Car Street, Tiruvannamalai

Gods carried on Palanquins

 Poles under Palanquin covered with cloths for easy carry

Musicians accompanying the Gods

Gods returning to the Big Temple

Devotees struggling to bear the heavy weight of the Palanquin

Goddess also on a Palanquin

[Thanks to Mr. Hari Prasad for these wonderful photographs of 2016 Pongal on this posting and on the previous two postings on Arunachala Grace].


S.Kumar said...

Reading this makes me feel like I am there.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you. Lots of atmosphere in the wonderful photographs.