15 January 2016

Uthrayana puniyakalam 2016: Thamari Kulam

Pongal’s astronomical significance is that it marks the auspicious beginning of Uthrayana, the Sun's movement northward for a six month period. All important events are scheduled during this season. The festival celebrates leaving behind old way of doing things, be it relationships, money matters or health habits. 

The below photographs are of Uthrayana Puniyakalam performed at Thamarai Kulam, Tiruvannamalai this day January 15, 2016 in observance of the auspicious beginning of Uthrayana. 

Gods leaving Siva Sannidhi, Big Temple

Puja at Thamari Kulam

Priests from Arunachaleswarar Temple performing Puja

Gods in Mandapam at Thamari Kulam

Residents of Thamari Nagar with offerings

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