11 February 2016

Ayyankulam Tank Theerthavari February 8, 2016

The below photographs were taken before the incident occurred at the Ayyankulam Tank. In the below photographs, one can see that the devotees are conducting themselves in a peaceful and reverential manner. 

In this first photograph, the Priests are performing puja on the bottom steps of the Tank. 

The Sulam (Trident) is being brought down through the crowds of devotees and priests for immersion in the Ayyankulam Tank.


Many devotees have already immersed themselves in the Tank and are waiting in the water for the Sulam to be brought down into the Theertham.

After immersion in the Tank, the Sulam is then brought back up the steps for puja on the side of the Ayyakulam Theertham. 

The below sequence of photographs are of worship being conducted on the Sulam (trident).

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