5 February 2016

Mahodhaya Maha Punniya Kalam 2016

Mahabhishekam Theertha Utchava Invitation 

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Sri Arunachaleswararar Parameshwara is one among the five panchaboothas. It is the Agni, fire sthalam. Moorthi Thalam Theertham is the special name given to this sthalam along with 365 Theerthams at this place. Brahma, Visnu and other Devadevatas did pujas and got blessings from Siva in the form of Ardhanishvara. He killed the feeling of “I” in the Lingodbhava form where he manifested into a mountain. Devotees do girivalam. On Deepam Day He comes out as the Fire, taking the form of Half Siva and Half Shakthi. 

Punya Kalam occurs during the Solar Eclipse, Moon Eclipse, Vishu Punyakalam, Uttarayana, Dakshinayanam, Sankaranti etc. The Eclipse time is good for pujas and also theerthavari, yaham, japam, tarpanam and donations (dhanam) are good during this time. This is said in the Puranas. During japam in the time of grahanam (eclipse) the power is greater, also things like the giving of donations are more powerful. 

But 1000 times more powerful and sanctified is the time of Mahodhaya Punniya Kalam. It is better than the time of the solar eclipse. This truth is recorded in many Aham and Sastra books. It is also said in the Arunachala Mahatmyam. Parameshwara said that during Mahodhaya Maha Punniya Kalam, we have to do special pujas and theerthavari. 

In the Tamil Month of Thai; Amavasya (New Moon), Thiruona Nakshatriam (Monday) and Vayadeepadhyam—when all fall on the same day it is known as Mahodhaya Punniya Kalam. 

During this Tamil Year Manmatha, Thai Month, Tamil day 25. English date Monday, February 8, 2016. On this special day, Sri Apeethakumbachambal Samadeha Sri Arunachaleswarar will be worshipped with Mahabhishekam, Alankaram, Deepatharthana, and Theertha Urchavam at the Indira Theeram also known as Ayyankulam Tank. 

In the early morning between 6.30 and 6.45 a.m. Mahodhaya Punniya Kalatheeravari will occur. 

This powerful Punniya Kalam occurs only once every 25-30 years. During this time Shiva Bhaktas are invited for this function. 


7.02.2016 Early morning 1 a.m. Mahabhishekam starts for Apeethakumbachambal Samadeha Sri Arunachaleswarar at the Big Temple. 

8.02.2016 Early morning 5 a.m. Mahadeepatharana and Swami go to Ayyankulam Tank. 

8.02.2016 Early morning 6.30 a.m. at Indira Theertham (Ayyankulam Tank) Mahodhaya Punniya Kalatheeravari and later procession. 

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‘Mahodhaya Punniya Kaalam’ is when the below attributes align together in a single day: 

Thithi: Amavasya 
Nakshathiram: Thiruvonam 
Yogam: Vyathi Patham 
Month: Thai 
Vaaram: Soma (Monday) 

Arunachaleswarar Temple and the Indira Theertham (Ayyankulam Tank) will be very crowded during this time.

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