7 February 2016

Sani Pradosham: February 6, 2016

As always yesterday’s Sani Pradosham (Saturday: February 6, 2016) at Arunachaleswarar Temple was well attended. Saturday is dedicated to Lord Saniswaran, one of the nine celestial Gods (Navagrahas). The planet Saturn is considered an agent of Karma who delivers many difficult trials in our lives in order to help refine and evolve our souls. 

It is thought that on the day of Sani Pradosham Lord Siva has more influence over Saturn and can cause him to release some of our karmic bonds. 

Nandi Abhishekam at Arunachaleswarar Temple

Offering of Aarti

Circumambulation of the God around the Siva Sannidhi

Lord Arunachaleswarar during Sani Pradosham

The Gods beautifully decorated

At Tiruvannamalai there is now a beautiful Shrine dedicated to Sani at the Lord Venkateshwara Temple (Balaji) near the Kubera Lingam which is also a very efficacious place to visit during the day of Sani Pradosham for those wishing to gain the support of Lord Sani in mitigating painful and unpleasant karma. 

Lord Sani

Sani Shrine at Balaji Temple with Raghu and Kettu

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S.Kumar said...

I have visited the Lord Venkateshwara Temple many times. There are so many beautiful Shrines around the main Temple. Its one of my most favourite places to visit at Tiruvannamalai.