19 February 2016

Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture

A number of followers of Arunachala Grace have requested contact information of the Cane Furniture Shop in Tiruvannamalai. As I am a big fan of this shop and myself have lots of their furniture at my house, have compiled the following narrative with photographs of Sri Arunachala Cane Shop.

The opening hours of Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture are 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. 7 days a week. Closed on certain holidays like: Deepavali, Deepam, Pongal etc. 

Contact Information: 

C.M. Arumugam, Cane Master 
Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture 
No. 84/15 Chengam Road NH66 
Near Yama Lingam
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 606601

Phone: +919443033046, +919003414994 
Email: arumugam@yahoo.co.in 

The photograph below is of Arumugam, Owner and Proprietor of Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture shop. He is currently in his mid 40’s, and has been working with cane since his very early teens. 

Sri Arumugam

He learnt his skills in his native village of Walajapet, where he trained under Cane Masters (hailing from Chennai). Once sufficiently skilled Arumugam shifted to Tiruvannamalai and worked creating Cane Furniture under the auspices of a Master at Shantimalai Trust at their facility which at that time was located at Athiyandal Village, Tiruvannamalai. 

After a number of years and with the financial sponsorship and support of Shantimalai Trust, Arumugam opened his own Cane shop. His first shop was located in Ramana Nagar opposite the old Post Office. When that area started to be developed, Sri Arunachala Cane shifted to a site near Seshadri Ashram also in Ramana Nagar. Recently Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture moved to its present (and third) location near the Yama Lingam off Chengam Road. 

Currently Sri Arunachala Cane Furniture has 6 apprentices and 6 experienced cane workers and 2 carpenters who incorporate cane work in traditional almirahs and dressers. 

Below are photographs of different types of cane furniture made at Sri Arunachala Cane facility. However Arumugam, the proprietor and Cane Master of the Shop has a large collection of photo albums of many extraordinary styles and types of cane furniture he will make to order. So make sure when visiting to view the photographs of the full compilation of furniture he creates. 

Baskets above  made by  local group of handicraft ladies and up for sale at Sri Arunachala Cane Shop


Dhanesh said...

Great post. I have been using his cane utensils for past ten years and is happy to vouch for the durability of the same.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Totally agree. I have lots of cane furniture purchased over the years from Murugan. Very good quality and reasonable price. Also it really is interesting looking at his albums and seeing the variety of cane products that can be made.

Unknown said...

Nice information. Thanks for sharing the article in the blog.