6 March 2016

2016 Mahashivaratri Programme, Arunachaleswarar Temple

Monday, March 7th - Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 

During the day of Monday March 7, devotees of different satsang groups will be creating giant-sized Kolams on the floors of the Temple Compound. As is usual, the Kolams are not made from powders but from dyed salt crystals. 

Kolams made of crystal salt rock will be on Temple Compound floors

As the day progress into dusk on the evening of March 7, devotees will light clay deepam lights and place them all around the edges of the Temple Theertham. The gates of the Theertham for this reason are kept open on this day. 

Arunachaleswarar Temple (including the Siva Sannidhi and Mother’s Shrine) will also remain open for a period of 24 hours during Mahashivaratri. 

Cultural Programme and Devotional Songs: 

In the evening of March 7th, poems, devotional songs and cultural programmes will take place in front of the Mandapam outside the Rajagopuram (East Gate) of the Big Temple.

Inside the Temple at the Auditorium located in the 4th Prakaram, cultural programmes and devotional singing will take place from 6 p.m. on Monday, March 7. 

Devotees' lamps will surround Temple Theertham

Pujas and Worships: 

Special Abhishekam: 
Lakshana Archana will commence on Monday March 7, 2016 at the Siva Sannidhi, Arunachaleswarar Temple 

Night of Mahashivaratri: 
March 7-8 at 12 midnight. Commencement of the Sri Lingodbhavamurti (at back of Siva Sannidhi) 

Mahashivaratri Night Puja Programme: 
1st Kala Puja 8.30 p.m. March 7 
2nd Kala Puja 11.00 p.m. March 7 
3rd Kala Puja 2.00 a.m. March 8 
4th Kala Puja 4.00 a.m. March 8 

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