14 April 2016

Parvathamalai Archive of Blog Postings

In response to those requesting information about Parvathamalai, below are a list of my postings of this sacred place. I will enlarge this archive when I make new postings on the Hill.

Parvathamalai, which is located a short distance from Arunachala lies in its sacred powerful influence as stipulated in the Skanda Purana.

Temple on Summit of Parvathalamalai

[18 October 2014] 
Information about the Hill and Temple located on the summit. Legends and mythology connected with the Hill. 

[October 27, 2014] Legend connected with the great saint who lived at Parvathamalai and performed a famous miracle at Tiruvannamalai. 

Arunachala from Summit of Parvathamalai

[22 March 2015] 
Details of how to climb Parvathamalai and information about accommodation both at the Hill base and on the summit. 

[31 March 2015] 
Information about the summit of the Hill including mythology and legends associated with the Hill. 

[21 February, 2017] 
Photographs and History of 25 km Parvathamalai girivalam path. Information about Temples and Accommodation on Girivalam. Hints and suggestions. 


Anonymous said...

I hope one day to visit Parvathamalai. I have heard about it so much. Especially like the idea of going through the unspoilt Javadi Hill countryside while performing the 25 km girivalam of Parvathamalai. Love the photographs you have in all your postings of this Hill.

Anonymous said...

In the first photo it feels like Lord Shiva is lying there with vibhuti, in the form of clouds on his forehead.

Beautiful coverage

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes its a most amazing photograph. Am looking forward to visiting Parvathamalai and performing the 25 km girivalam. Going up the Hill is way to difficult for my size and age. But girivalam through all that pretty countryside . . very nice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing coverage. Think this hill will become even more famous in coming years.

Unknown said...

Very nice information about the hill. Expecting some pictures about girivalam

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks Mister Hari Prasad for your comments. Yes looking forward to posting information about girivalam as soon as my contact decides to get moving and take the photos!!!!!!!