12 August 2016

A Sorry Looking Max

Oh dear. Max my greedy boy has finally gone and done it. He has a stone lodged in his upper intestines making him very uncomfortable. Have been trying to wean him of his stone chewing habit . . . but it seems one stone passed us both by. Yesterday took Max to the Government Animal Hospital in town for an x-ray to confirm the obstruction. Yes, the stone is there. He has been put on a 3 day course of purgatives and if that doesn't do the trick, the old daftie will have to have the stone surgically removed. 

Ram Prasad who works at the Animal Shelter in Ramana Nagar making sure Max stays on the table

He is feeling immensely sorry for himself . . . with very little either going in or coming out. Poor thing. Well its almost over . . . only 2 more days to go after today before the matter is resolved one way or another! 

Max, looking sorry for himself

Max is at about 60% of liveliness, so is still performing his duties of retrieving as his name (Labrador Retriever) alludes. We are waiting for the heavy rains of the monsoon to start, in the meantime small ponds on the Eri are drying up and fish are dying from lack of oxygen. To help the land birds, everytime we see a dead fish in one of the ponds, Max jumps in and brings it to the shore for the birds to snack on. Today we got out two such dead fish from one pond. The fish are quite large, you can get an idea of their size from the fish on the ground next to little blackie Winnie. 

Winnie having a good look at a dead fish in front of her

Winnie guarding the fish. Max taking a well deserved cooling-off
The drying-up pond with Arunachala as background

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Divya said...

Poor Max, I dearly hope he can pass that nasty stone without surgical intervention! Naughty habit of eating stones! Also, so nice of Winnie to retrieve the dead fish for the birds!