2 August 2016

Shantimalai Handicrafts Development Shop

The Shantimalai Research and Development Trust, a charitable organisation founded by Doctor Hugo Maier in 1986, includes villages around Tiruvannamalai. The Handicrafts section of the Trust provides more than 300 women with training and work in traditional handicrafts. These skills include palm leaf weaving, leaf-painting, tailoring, bag production, handcrafted dolls, embroidery, handloom and batik and block printing. 

Many finished items are sold in a shop at Ramana Nagar, Tiruvannamalai named “Shantimalai Handicrafts Development,” located on the side of Chengham Road (NH66), after Nilgris Supermarket and just before the Arts College Compound. 

In addition to the many wonderful handicraft items on sale at the shop, there are also many beautiful items from throughout India. This Aladdin Cave of a shop is popular with many visitors to Tiruvannamalai and sells highest quality products . . . whether regional or from further afield. 

For a short synopsis of Hugo Maier to go this link here. To read a fascinating personal narrative of Hugo Maier go to this link here

Entrance to Compound on Chengham Road, Tiruvannamalai

Authentic murals throughout painted on Compound Walls

Murals by Sivakumar (local painter and animal activist)

Handsome elephant guarding the entrance to the shop

Several rooms filled with pure, handloom cottons

High quality cottons

Many locally produced items

Other items from further afield

Favourite Aladdin's Cave for visitors wanting to purchase souvenirs from India

Everything of good quality and reasonable prices

Personally liked the pair of elephants with their silver masks and bells

Pink laundry baskets (on left) made locally by palm weaving

Visit this beautiful shop while in Tiruvannamalai and thereby support local Women's organisations in the District which are creating these products. 


Susan Doherty said...

I've purchased wonderful cottons from this shop many times. Then take them upstairs to the tailor shop for stitching. Highly recommended. Very good place.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I usually purchase my cottons from this Shop. Excellent variety and quality.