28 August 2016

Surya Lingam: Before and After

Darshan of Arunachala from Surya Shrine, Girivalam Roadway

Surya Lingam is located after Gautama Ashram and before Varuna Lingam on the leftside of the Girivalam Roadway. In 2016 the first phase of renovation work financed by a family in Chennai, was completed at the Lingam. 

Looking through my archives I found photographs of Surya Lingam before renovation which may be of interest and enable a comparision of before and after. 

The work has obviously been neatly and professionally undertaken, but a pity the use of traditional materials was not observed. It might be just that I am old fashioned, but would have preferred materials other than alumininum roofing, patterned tiles and overly colourful paint. 

Nonetheless the Surya Lingam is definitely looking tidier and neater and gratitude and thanks to the Chennai family who have graciously funded the work. 

Entrance to Surya Lingam before renovation

Entering Surya Lingam on the girivalam roadway

Lingam on girivalam roadway

Carvings on inside doorway entrance

Surya Lingam with Nandi

Adjacent building connected with Temple priests

Stone Shrine of the Surya Linam

From back of Shrine looking towards entry gateway

Devotees in line for Prasad

Photographs of Surya Lingam Shrine after Renovation 

Entrance to Shrine from Girivalam Roadawy

Carvings on Wall Under the Entrance Doorway

More Painted Carvings on Wall

Shrine Compound Renovated, Painted, with New Floors and Canopy Cover

Surya Shrine


Divya said...

What a very valuable historical archive you are creating, documenting so much! Thank you!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Hi Divya:

Yes I do think its important to have a record of the development of Arunachala over the years. Its changing so quickly that pictorial archives might be all we have left of much of Tiruvannamalai. As to the Surya photographs . . . its strange the way renovaters don't seem to pay any attention to maintaining the tradition of these lovely little shrines.