28 August 2016

The Dasha Lingams: Arunachala Girivalam

The famed Lingam Temples (Asta Lingams) are arranged around the octagonal perimeter of Arunachala. Each of these Temples are located at the four cardinal and four inter-cardinal points. This was believed by the ancients who originally constructed the Lingams at their eight cardinal and inter-cardinal points to represent, characterise and vitalise certain aspects and qualities of life in relation to specific fields of energy and influence. 

For more information about the asta lingams, go to this link here

The Asta Lingams: 

Indra Lingam (East) 
Agni Lingam (South East) 
Yama Lingam (South) 
Niruthi Lingam (South West) 
Varuna Lingam (West) 
Vayu Lingam (North West) 
Kubera Lingam (North) 
Esanya Lingam (North East) 

The Lingams have the dominant Navagraha of the God to whom they are associated. It is believed that placating a specific Lingam will bring various benefits that are associated with the respective Navagraha. 

In addition to the Asta Lingams, there are two additional Lingams on the girivalam roadway which according to the oral tradition of the region are part of what is considered the “Dasha Lingams” (10 Lingams) of Arunachala. 

These two additional Lingams are Chandra Lingam and Surya Lingam. For information about the escoteric significance of Chandra Lingam, go to this link here

To find out about Surya Lingam and its juxtaposition with Chandra Lingam and how the Lingams are stationed at the gateways to both the Lingam of Arunachala Hill and the Shiva Lingam at Arunachaleswarar Temple’s Moolasthanam, go to this link here

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