25 November 2016

2016 New Arunachala Mahadeepam Cauldron

Every several years the Mahadeepam cauldron (used during the Karthigai Festival and which burns at the top of Arunachala  throughout the Festival) has to be replaced because of damage. Years previously the cauldron used to remain at the top of the Hill throughout the year. Nowadays it is carried up on poles prior to Mahadeepam and then brought down again at the end of the Festival.

Previous Mahadeepam cauldron on Arunachala

This year a new Mahadeepam cauldron (kopparai) is being created at metal works here in Tiruvannamalai. The new cauldron will measure 5 feet and have pure copper rings around the outside top of the cauldron measuring 3 feet diameter width, and on the outside bottom (of the cauldron) of 2.25 feet diameter width. The new cauldron (kopparai) is to cost Rs.1.5 laks to create.

Creating the new cauldron

Creating new 2016 Arunachala Mahadeepam cauldron


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