20 November 2016

Arunachaleswarar Temple Puja Timings

Renovation work at Arunachaleswarar Temple is going well. Most of the green cloth has been removed from the Temple Gopurams, and much of the painting work throughout the Temple has already been completed. 

As of this date there has been no official announcement of the 2017 Arunachaleswarar Temple Mahakumbhabhishekam Function (it is believed that it will be sometime in February 2017). However a new Puja schedule has been set. From what has been said it appears that this new schedule will be in place both before and after the Mahakumbhabhishekam Function however there may be changes in the schedule during Poornimas (full moon).

New Puja Timings at Arunachaleswarar Temple

Green protective cloth has been removed from Gopurams

Temple statues have been repaired and repainted throughout

Work prior to 2017 Mahakumbhabhishekam is proceeding well

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