18 November 2016

Sprucing Things Up

Lots of activity in and around Arunachaleswarar Temple sprucing up, repairing and renovating the Radhams and Vahanas that will be used in the upcoming Mahadeepam Festival. 

On Car Street outside the Raja Gopuram

Looking at Radhams parked on the side of Car Street

Photographs below of the Vahanas being repaired and painted in time for the 2016 Mahadeepam Festival.


Divya said...

Nice getting an 'inside view' of the prep work! Did you take these pics?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

No I didn't take these photos, I got them from an accredited Temple photographer who has special access throughout the Temple. However these particular photos could have been taken by anyone . . . as they are all shot outside and none of them inside the actual Shrines.