6 December 2016

2016 Arunachala Karthigai Festival: Day 2. Night—Indira Vahana

At Arunachala, Indra has a special significance as he associated with the Asta Lingam with the cardinal direction of east. The Indra lingam is dominated by the Navagrahas, Lord Surya and Lord Shukra (Venus). Devotees are blessed with long life and prosperity on worshipping the Indra lingam. 

Indra is the King of the Gods and ruler of the heavens. He is the God of thunder and rain and a great warrior, a symbol of courage and strength. He wields a lightning thunderbolt known as the vajra, rides on a white elephant known as Airavata and also has a golden chariot drawn by ten thousand horses. 

The formidable thunderbolt-wielding Indra strikes an imposing figure but as king of the Gods he is generally benevolent, being generous to his worshippers, guaranteeing peace and prosperity and delivering beneficial rainstorms to end droughts. He can also be called upon in times of war to give support with his divine weapons and favourable intervention. 

Adorning the Lord on his Indra Chariot Vahana

Panchamoorthies giving darshan in front of the Alankaram Mandapam

Indira Vahana

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