10 December 2016

2016 Arunachala Karthigai Festival: Day 8. Day—Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse

The morning of the 8th day of the 10 Day Karthigai Deepam Festival belongs to Lord Chandrasekahara on horse vahana accompanied by Vinayaka on rat vahana. 

After giving darshan in front of the alankaram mandapam Lord Chandrasekhara visits the Maharadham (His wooden chariot vahana of the previous day). During His visit puja is performed in the front of the Maharadham by Brahmin Priests. After completion paste is taken from the puja residue, and a priest thereupon climbs up the horse vahana and applies pottu to the forehead of Lord Chandrasekhara. Afterwhich a transfer of Darba Grass is made from the Maharadham to Lord Chandrasekhara on horse vahana. 

Significance of this ritual is that power accumulated in the vast Vahana the previous day is transferred back to its originator Lord Chadrasekhara. 

Lord Chandrasekhara moving away from the front of the Alankaram Mandapam

Will soon visit the Maharadham of previous day

Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse Vahana

The Lord on Horse Vahana visiting Maharadham

Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse at Maharadham

Priest at Lord Chandrasekhara on Horse to serve in facilitating return of power from Maharadham

After residual power in the Maharadham has been gathered back by the Lord, He proceeds at the start of His procession of the mada veedhis

Lord Vinayaka on rat vahana in foreground, Lord Chandrasekhara on horse vahana at back


Anonymous said...

There is such a wealth of information in all your posts. I am learning many new things about Arunachala and the Big Temple.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thank you for getting in touch. Glad that you are enjoying finding out more about this wonderful place.

R Viswanathan said...

Being away in USA presently, the information and pictures in this blog are so very beneficial and lovely. Thanks so much for this. Hoping to meeting you and thanking you in person sometime when we are back in Tiruvannamalai.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to see the section of 2016 Deepam on your website soon. Be nice to see everything all in one place.