16 December 2016

Post-2016 Karthigai Deepam Festival: Day 1 Theepal—Sri Chandrasekhara

Brahmotsavam is intended to teach us the way to divine self-realisation. The last of the celebratory observances during Karthigai Festival is Thirthotsavam which literally means “water festival”. Four days are allocated at the end of Deepam to celebrate the water festival at Ayyankulam Tank in front of Arunagirinathar Temple (the third oldest Shiva Temple at Arunachala). The water festival is representative of the sadhaka’s plunge into the higher realms of consciousness – and typifies an entering into samadhi... an end of religious aspiration. 

The Theepal for the Gods are floating structure made up of drums and timber and decorated with lights, flowers, religious paintings and silken buntings. Lights are installed around the perimeter of the tank and focus lights placed at strategic points. When the murtis of the Gods come to Ayyakulam Tank they are placed lovingly on a float and then the float pushes off and completes an allocated number of turns upon the Temple Tank. Devotees sit on the steps of the tank to take darshan of the God on the Theepal. Thereafter the deity of that day is taken in procession around the four Mada Streets (perimeter streets) surrounding Arunachaleswarar Temple. 

During the evening of Tuesday, December 13, Sri Chandrasekhara gave His devotees darshan on Day 1 of Theepals on the Ayyankulam Tank in front of the Sri Arunagirinathar Temple. 

Lord Chandrasekhara

The Lord gives darshan on Theepal, Ayyankulam Tank


Anonymous said...

Are things back to normal at the tank now?. Remember reading about some drownings there earlier in the year.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes there was a sad tragedy at the Ayyankulam Tank, you can read about it at this link here


Now there are railings and other security features near the tank steps. Also there is a heightened presence of personnel. Hope that will prevent any possible problems in the future.