11 January 2017

February 6, 2017 Mahakumbhabhishekam at Arunachaleswarar Temple

The below photographs were taken on November 21, 2016 during the "Kumbabisheka Yakasalai Panthakal" function. The function is the precursor of the Mahakumbhabhishekam that will take place at Arunachaleswarar Temple on Monday, February 6, 2017. 


Regular visitors to Arunachaleswarar Temple will have noticed renovation and restoration work being undertaken throughout the Temple since 2015. Gopurams, shrines and stonework have been cleaned, repaired and restored and in the case of the Raja Gopuram (Temple East Gate) cracks in the tower were recently repaired by civil engineers. 

Gopurams and stonework have been cleaned, restored and whitewashed, however Vimanas on all shrines, statues at front and top of shrines, and some smaller shrines in the west 4th Prakaram have been painted. 

The most recent of previous Mahakumbhabhishekams at Arunachaleswarar Temple took place in 1918, 1944, 1976 and 2002. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for great snaps. Will be a wonderful function. Hope its not just VIPs on February 6 and ordinary devotees can attend the event near the Shiva and Mother Shrines.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Haven't heard how the Temple are arranging admission to the inner shrines for the function. Deepam 2016 was VIP and invite only . . . so probably will be the same. Sad.