15 January 2017

Photographs of Repairs, Renovation and Painting at Arunachaleswarar Temple

Below sequence of photographs show how smart Arunachaleswarar Temple is looking now that nearly all repairs, cleaning, renovation and painting have been completed in time for Monday, February 6, 2017 Mahakumbhabhiskeham. 

Cracks on Raja Gopuram have been repaired by Civil Engineers

Statues on all Gopurams cleaned and whenever necessary repaired

All gopurams cleaned, repaired and whitewashed

Vimanas on all shrines repaired and painted

Finishing up all work before February 6 date of Mahakumbhabhishekam

Both theerthams with surrounding statues, cleaned and painted

Wherever necessary repairs made on stonework

Statues on top of shrines cleaned and painted

All clean and ready for upcoming function

Shrine at 4th Prakaram showing column of fire legend

Shrine back of 4th Prakaram fully painted

Statues in front of Mother Shrine cleaned and painted

Photograph taken from 2016 Deepam Flag Hoisting showing smartly painted statues front of Arunachaleswarar Shrine


Divya said...

Love all the bright colors! Looking great!

hari prasad said...

Looks great, looking forward for next month kumbabhishegam.
Hope arunachala grace will be posting great pictures of the function.

Sundaram Subramanian said...


Meenakshi Ammal said...

Hope so too. But that depends on the reliability of the photographers.